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Find online car auctions with internet bidding at both dealer auctions and car auctions open to the public near you. Most car auctions put photos of their auction cars for sale online so you may view the used cars for sale before the auction begins. We suggest checking back often for updated auction inventories.


These online car auctions, with both dealer auto auctions and public car auctions, have improved the way vehicles are bought and sold online. Local wholesale auto auctions across the USA have adopted online platforms (Such as Simulcast).

While they maintain their physical locations, these auctions have embraced the digital age, offering a blend of in-person and online bidding to the public and car dealers. This model provides flexibility for dealers seeking bulk purchases and also public bidders.

They differ from online-only car auction sites, as they offer the opportunity of inspecting vehicles in person, combined with the convenience of online bidding. This is our favorite part about local wholesale used car auctions with online bidding.


Key Features of Online Local Wholesale Auto Auctions

  • Hybrid Bidding System: Combines the traditional in-person auction experience with online bidding, allowing participants to choose their preferred method.
  • Vehicle Inspection: While the auction might have online bidding, auction vehicles can still be inspected in person at the local auction site, ensuring buyers know exactly what they're bidding on. We find this feature hard to beat.
  • Dealer and Public Participation: These auctions cater to both licensed dealers looking for inventory and the general public searching for a good deal on a vehicle. We feature both types at Car Auctions USA.
  • Extended Reach: The online component allows for a wider audience, meaning vehicles can be sold to the highest bidder, whether they're local or from another state. We like this since it helps you sell your vehicle at an auction for more cash.
  • Real-Time Updates: Auction listings are updated in real-time, ensuring participants have the latest information on available vehicles and current bids.




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Online Auctions

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