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Bid on used cars at auto auctions from local dealer trades, bank repos, finance repos, consignments, fleet surplus vehicles, government vehicles, off-lease fleet vehicles, police auctions, tow auctions and more!

Car Auctions USA wants to help you experience the thrill and excitement of a car auction in person or online. Wholesale used car auctions offer a large selection of used auction cars and trucks at a single location. Do not miss the opportunities for car buyers as auction inventories are constantly changing.

You can learn about local auctions in our database of wholesale used car auctions in the United States for a location near you in your state.

Bid in online car auctions or live car auctions held onsite, it’s up to you. Buy a low priced used auction car or truck at a car auction open to the public.

Public Car Auctions

Wholesale used car auctions open to the public with live bidding and online bidding.

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Dealer Only Car Auctions

Wholesale used car auctions for licensed car dealers.

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Both Dealer and Public Auto Auctions

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Sources of Auction Cars for Sale at Auto Auctions

Trade-Ins: Dealer auto auctions often feature vehicles from trade-ins. Dealerships send cars that don’t match their brand or older models to these auctions. This is one of the most most common sources of auction cars for sale, in our experience.

Off-Lease Vehicles: Dealer auto auctions frequently list off-lease returns. These cars, returned at the end of lease terms, are usually well-maintained with lower mileage, ideal for dealers replenishing their stock. We also suggest public bidders target this type of auction vehicle, but we most often only see them in dealer auto auctions.

Rental Returns: Rental agencies send older vehicles to dealer auto auctions as they update their fleets. Maintained by the rental company, these cars provide value for dealerships diversifying their inventory. These are not as commonly found at public car auctions.

Bank Repossessions: Dealer auto auctions include bank-repossessed cars. Financial institutions sell cars reclaimed from defaulting borrowers at these auctions, often using online car auction websites for dealers. We see bank repos for sale all the time at both dealer auto auctions and public car auctions.

Overstock and Unsold Inventory: Dealerships offload overstock or unsold cars from past seasons to dealer auto auctions, a process made efficient by online car auction platforms for dealers.

Damaged or Salvage Vehicles: Repairable cars with damage are available at dealer auto auctions. Dealers and body shops, typically needing a dealer license, buy, fix, and resell these vehicles for profit. We suggest first-timers stay away from these without more experience.

Local Wholesale Used Car Auctions in the US

Local wholesale car auctions in the United States are for dealers and the general public to buy and sell preowned vehicles at wholesale prices.

Dealer-only auto auctions are exclusive events where licensed dealers can acquire inventory in bulk, often at discounted prices. These are usually closed auctions, meaning only licensed auto dealers can participate. We suggest looking for car auction brokers to help you get access if you are not a licensed dealer.

Public car auctions are open to everyone and offer a wide range of vehicles, from used to salvage cars. These auctions often feature repossessed, government-owned, or surplus vehicles. We highly recommend these auctions to first timers here at Car Auctions USA.

Both types of auctions provide fast-paced, competitive bidding. Know the auction rules beforehand, whether you’re a dealer looking for wholesale vehicles to flip or a public bidder seeking a bargain at a public car auction.

Our main advice in any car auction is to act quickly, as high-quality auction cars tend to get snapped up fast.

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