Car Auctions USA

Car Auctions USA, established in 2023, aims to simplify the search for car auctions both locally and nationally, offering access to online bidding for both dealer and public auctions.

Our curated auction database is focused on wholesale car auctions, meaning cars that run and drive. These are not to be confused with salvaged/wrecked car auctions. However, some of the auctions we feature may also include separate sales for salvage cars.

Most of the auction cars come from:

  • Dealer Trade-ins
  • Bank Repos
  • Titlepawn Repos
  • Rental Fleets
  • Lease Fleets
  • Government GSA Sales
  • Donated / Charity Cars

These vary from auction to auction, but they will announce the sources of the cars prior to the sales. We promote auto auctions around the United States, but do not conduct any auctions ourselves. Our expertise comes from years as wholesale car dealers and various former auction employees.

We bring decades of experience in the car auction business to give you guides and curated content on car auctions in the United States. You may read our privacy policy or our site terms of service. You may also email us with any questions or concerns.