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Waukegan Auto Auction Illinois


Waukegan Car Auction - Public Auto Auction in Illinois Near Chicago

Waukegan Auto Auction is open to the public and is located north of Chicago in Chicagoland (South of Milwaukee). They also provide the opportunity to sell your vehicle in an auction for a fast turnaround. Waukegan Auction's inventory is available online with photos and prices.

Waukegan Auto Auction attracts buyers and sellers from all around the state of Illinois and nearby states. Waukegan AA has a selection of used cars and trucks from trade-ins, repos, charity cars, fleet surplus, private owner vehicles, and more.

Making the process even easier, we enjoy that they put their inventory online and also allow physical inspection of the auction cars before the auction. As always, our recommendation is to take advantage of these options.

With two auctions a week, they are frequently receiving more used cars and trucks for sale. Buyers may also take advantage of their online auction cars with buy it now prices to save money on a car quickly and easily.

We especially like the fact that public bidders have two opportunities a week to bid on an auction vehicle. We recommend that you arrive early to Waukegan Auction and be willing to attend another sale if you do not see anything that fits your budget or needs the first time.

Car Auction Schedule

Wednesday Viewing: 4 pm

Wednesday Bidding: 6 pm

Saturday Viewing: 10 am

Saturday Bidding: 12 pm


Auction Fee Information

Buyer's Fees:

Buyer fees at Waukegan Auto Auction are $100 per vehicle, which is very fair in our experience with public car auctions in Illinois.

State Fees:

IL, Suburbs Sales Tax - 7%
IL, Chicago Sales Tax - 8.25%
IL, Title only - $155.00
IL, Title and Transfer of Plates with registration card $180.00
IL, Title and License Plates $306.00

Sellers Fees:

$0-$1,499 - $150
$1,500-$10,000 - 10%
$10,001 and Up - 7%
Rate may vary on cars sold at $20k+

Selling Requirements:

Valid Government-issued ID
Certificate of Title
18 Years of age or older

Contact Information

2371 Belvidere Road Waukegan, IL
Zip/Post Code
Social Info
Feature List
  • Buy it Now Cars Available
  • Open to the Public
  • Sell Your Car
  • We Buy Cars For Cash

How long will it take to get the title for my vehicle back?

It can take anywhere from six to twelve weeks to receive your title back from the Secretary of State. If there is an issue in the system if could possibly take longer.

How can I pay for my purchases at Waukegan Auto Auction?

Cash, Debit Card, Visa or Mastercard Credit Card

What is sold at the Waukegan Auto Auction?

Waukegan Auto Auction sells cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, motorcycles, and occasionally boats.

When are the Waukegan Car Auctions?

Waukegan Auto Auction has public car auctions in Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Buying at a car auction can be a thrilling experience. Visit Waukegan Auto Auction for a used car buying experience that lacks all the hassle of retail car lots.

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